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Genevieve is a student at the University of Hawaii.

Currently passionate about electronic/ synth-punk and alternative, she spends her days in KTUH digging through intimidating towers of CDs. A lot of trash emerges in the process; undiscouraged, her goal is to share with the world less mainstream, fantastic music, that not only she is passionate about sharing, but her listeners are passionate about hearing. 

When she's not DJing, She's sleeping or trolling the internet. Also she finally got a job that pays her in money, not trident gum. So that's awesome...

Keep listening! Support your college station. Also if you love me, which you do, you'll support Hi on Air by listening. Hey, it's not like I'm asking for money, although I won't say no to other forms of bribery... Like trident gum.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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  1. Thank you DJ Genevieve for an uber chill listening experience. First timer tonight, I dig your taste, style, and the eclectic range of music you play. Never heard of any of the bands in your set, which is awesome. You rock, keep the good tunes coming.
  2. Loved your show last night. Thanks for turning me on to Wolf & I by Oh Land. Love that song.
  3. Hey Genevieve! I didn't realize this was you. Cool ! It's Noel from the Naish Shop. Been tuning in lately. Awesome!
  4. Funny, after today, it feels like "Now you're just somebody that I used to know...." C ya on the water!
  5. You got a good set of music wished you where on the radio more often....
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