HI on Air with the Boss Lady on Tuesday 6-9PM




Please consider donating to KTUH for our radiothon. We rely completely on your donations and small student fees to keep our station chugging. Our DJs and office managers are all volunteers, all donations go right to running our station and constructing our all encompassing  transmitter. That way you can hear KTUH crystal clear on the entire island of Oah'u. Again our DJs spend the most time digging for music than any other DJ on the island, we bring quality music and quality programing. KTUH is the only station that loves you back! 

Give aways on my show from 6-9am:

25$- Shogunai Taco Gift Certificate 

50$- KTUH Tee Shirt

300$- I will draw you something awesome, whether that be a tattoo or a watercolor is up to you

500$- I will spin at your party or event