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Among being a DJ, I also give kiteboard lessons in Kailua when the wind be a-blowin. I promise I won't yell at you in my radio voice. You can reach me by email at

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I give the best priced lessons on the island, with the best discounts, and the best gear discounts if you want to buy equipment afterwards. Expert lessons, safe, effective and of course fun. The lessons are 3hours long and priced at $275. Feel free to bring a friend and split the price. All the gear to learn on is included- you don't need your own. 


INTRO KITE LESSON: Introductory flying

Three Hour Lessons

What you will learn:

Safety for yourself and those around you


Wind Window and Wind Direction

Etiquette, signals

Flying the kite at the Zenith and edge of the wind-window

Launching and Landing

Body Dragging




INTRO KITE LESSON: Kite control and water control

What you will Learn:

Body Dragging with one hand

Body Dragging up wind

Self Rescuing

Relaunching the kite








INTRO KITE LESSON: Working with the board, Standing up on the board

What you will learn:

Body dragging with the board

Board recovery

body position

appropriate gear

riding in both directions





30 minutes - 3 hours

Custom tailored lesson, learn skills like the following

Learn to get air

Learn to back roll/ front roll

Learn how to wave ride