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Playlist 02/12/2013 (Sex Jamz)


Sex jamz week! Have lots of sex, use protection.

Divine Fits- My love is real

<15 minute interview with Divine Fits>

Divine Fits- Baby get Worse

Lovage- Stroker Ace

ZZ Ward- 365 days

CSS - Music is my hot hot sex

Beats Antique- Roustabouts (bassnector)

Rangleklods- Young and Dumb

Beats Antique- She's looking for something

Lovage- Everyone has their summer

Andy Scott- Luxury Problems


Ratatat -Wildcat

Daft Punk- Make Love (Jeuce)

Tegan and Sara- Closer

Glitch Mob- We can make the world stop

Autre Ne Veut- Ego free sex

The XX- Crystalised (Whomii)

The xx - Heart skipped a beat

CSS- Lets make love and listen to death from above

Purity Ring- Grammy


ZZ Ward- Put the gun down (passion pit)

Portugal the man- share with me the sun

moon Boots - No one

Y Luv- Keep it rollin

Brett - Rap Songs

Washed out- Before

Carousel- Stay away (soundmen remix)

Hunter Hunted- Keep together

Bonobo- Silver

iamsleepless- Ciel Etoile


Boogie Belgique- The bartender


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